Books of the History

De Excidio Britannia


the 6th century monk

who first names Arthurian battles

Historia Brittonum


another early mention of Arthur,

including the 12 battles

The History of the Kings of Britain

Geoffrey of Monmouth

the quintessential early Arthurian work,

including the introduction of Merlin

Ecclesiastical History

of the English People


8th century telling,

including a mention of Badon Hill

Roman de Brut and Brut

by Wace and Layamon, two 12th-century writers

The Mabinogion

early Welsh tales

Joseph of Arimathea

Robert de Boron

Burgundian poet's linking of Arthur and the Grail

King Arthur: The True Story

Graham Phillips & Martin Keatman

as exhausting and exciting

as a modern detective story

The Search for King Arthur

David Day

excellent historical examination

King Arthur

Richard Barber

includes legends but emphasizes history

King Arthur: A Military History

Michael Holmes

fascinating study of battles and strategies

The Quest for Arthur's Britain

Geoffrey Ashe

an offering from today's top Arthurian historian

The Discovery of King Arthur

Geoffrey Ashe

without equivocation, Ashe herein places Camelot at Cadbury

Kings and Queens of Early Britain

Geoffrey Ashe

the man himself does a little prequel

The Arthurian Handbook

Geoffrey Ashe

Ashe's all-purpose Arthurian companion

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